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All Saints - The Videos (2001) DVD5

The All Saints had a lot to prove in their short-lived career. After the onslaught of the Spice Girls Britain really was not ready for a "serious" girl band. The Videos captures the best of the urban girl band who only ever managed to produce two albums. As hits go there's a great selection, from the theme from The Beach, "Pure Shores", to their most memorable of numbers, "Never Ever". Good as the songs are, however, most of their videos leave a lot to be desired. The best is the brave cover of "Under the Bridge"--which was not only a hit but musically a surprisingly intelligent cover--set against an urban landscape which was not only beautifully lit but also introduced Khaki combats as a fashion item. Many of the others, though, hold to the traditional pop video format of the girls parading around a strobe-lit studio singing to the camera--possibly the worst examples are "Pure Shores", with the Appleton sisters attempting to look "scary" in a bamboo cage, and their cover of "Lady Marmalade". The gems of the collection are the MTV tracks with a live band and great scratching.

This disc contains very little in the way of special features, which is a shame considering the success of the band and the wealth of interviews that must be available. There's a discography and track selection, along with the ability to "karaoke" the songs by turning the song lyrics on. The picture format also leaves a lot to be desired with its 4.3 ratio, however the sound is adequate.

Year of manufacture: 2001
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop
Duration: 53 minutes
Label: Warner Music Vision
Quality: DVD
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: MPEG Audio
Video: 3.5 to 9 MB/sec
Audio: LPCM 2.0 1536 KB/sec
picture format: PAL 4: 3
region code: 2,3,4,5,6
disc format: DVD-5
language: english linear PCM stereo
subtitles: english song lyrics

1 Pure Shores
2 Never Ever
3 Under The Bridge
4 Lady Marmalade (98 Remix) (Proffesor Harding Edit)
5 I Know Where It's At
6 Take The Key (MTV Live)
7 Black Coffee
8 Bootie Call
9 All Hooked Up
10 If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin')
11 Under The Bridge (MTV Live)
12 Never Ever (USA Video)

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